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Golf Rule Quiz

If a player has a tee shot that perhaps went in the woods, and the woods are marked as a water hazard, can the player declare that she is playing a provisional ball off the tee.


Answer: No. The second ball cannot be a provisional ball and it becomes the ball in play.
Rule 27-2. Playing a Provisional Ball with a Lost ball that is lost outside of a hazard or a ball out of bounds:
According to Rule 27 and Rule 26, a player cannot play a provisional ball if it is virtually certain that the ball is in a water hazard.
If you hit a tee shot, and the ball goes in a water hazard, you must proceed under Rule 26. You do not play a provisional here. If you think you are lost outside a water hazard or if you are out of bounds, you may play a provisional ball and proceed under Rule 27.
The rules are quite clear that you do not play a provisional on a water hazard.