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What is it?

Golf is a game played on a large open-air course. Participants strike a small, hard ball with a club into a series of small holes in the ground trying to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course.Thesport’sunique handicap scoring system means that people of all levels can play together either socially or competitively.

Is it for me?

Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, background, ability or disability. As well as having fun in the fresh air, playing golf helps you stay fit and look and feel well. Golf is a great game for all the family and can be played into your twilight years, so it’s never too late to start…

Why is it for me?

Playing golf can bring some impressive health and wellbeing benefits that can help you look and feel at your best. This increasingly popular sport combines, the core ingredients that doctors recommend for optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.
– Golf is fun – you will find it easier to make exercise enjoyable
– It does not need to take all day, playing 9 holes will only take 2 hours
– It keeps you fit – 18-hole game of golf uses at least 900 calories
– Gets you outdoors – proven way to help improve your mood, stress levels and self-esteem
– With plenty of time for conversation, golf is the perfect way to make new friends or grow closer bonds with people you already know.
– Golf can be competitive and a personal challenge- you can compete at club, county and national level.

How much does it cost?

Golf does not need to be expensive and like any other sport you can spend as little or as much as you like. There are playing options, equipment and clothing to suit every budget.

Do i have to be member of a club to play golf?

No. You can play as a guest. Check out rates here

If can play golf why join a club?

Preferred Tee Times: Joining a golf club affords you the rights to play during peak times often, and quite rightly, reserved for members., and is a major selling point for any club.
Signing in Guests::Whether it’s a colleague, a client or just a friend, there’s a certain pleasure to be had in extending an invitation to come and play at “my club”. Even if you’re covering all costs, paying and playing somewhere just isn’t the same as welcoming a guest at your own club. Not to mention the fact that the favour will no doubt be returned.
The Value of Opens and Club Matches:Aside from the internal golf club competitions, being a member of a golf club affords you the opportunity to play in open competitions at other clubs. Nothing compares to the value of these, and with a variety of formats to play at venues spread all over the country, as a golf club member you can genuinely play open competitions at some of the very best golf courses in the world, with dinner and prizes included, at terrific value. Not only that, many clubs have reciprocal arrangements with other golf clubs, some local and some further afield, that offer access to other courses. Coupled with the prospect of playing in matches against local clubs, there really are tremendous opportunities to play an expansive array of golf courses through your club membership.
Extra Rounds: Being a nomadic golfer generally means that you turn up, play 18 holes, and go home again. One of the luxuries of being a golf club member is that you can squeeze a few holes in after work and not worry about the cost of it. Evening rounds in the summer are some of the most enjoyable times to be on the course, and often some of the quietest. Equally, those times when you get caught in horrific weather as a visitor or when you don’t quite finish the round due to darkness, leave you with that feeling that you’ve not had your money’s worth. Never a problem as a member, the weather affected rounds, spontaneous 9 holes, and opportune evening rounds all feel like a member’s privilege. It’s never really advertised as such, but I’d bet that it’s a perk all club members would agree with.
CompetitionsThe goal of a large number of golfers is to get their handicap down, and the reality is that the only way to do that is in club competitions. Knocking it around a foreign course with a few mates has its merits, but playing in club competitions whether they are the Club Championship, Weekly Medal, or Greensomes, provides the opportunity for golfers to enjoy the competitive nature of the game, meet new golfers, win prizes, and ultimately improve as a golfer. You don’t join a cricket or netball team with the intention of never playing a competitive match. Golf is a competitive sport, and the best way to experience this is by playing in club competitions.
Facilities & ImprovementThe practice facilities are another home benefit for golf club members. The nomadic golfer might hit a few balls at the local range, but always at a cost. The golf club member can use the range and practice facilities at their home club for free. There’s a place to practice your putting, and these days many clubs are introducing a short game area as well, so the facilities associated as part of a club membership will not only improve your game, but they won’t make a further dent in your wallet. This leads nicely into my next point about the club pro, who will get to know you and your golf game as well as you do.
Professional ServicesA good relationship between the club pro and the members can be a real added bonus. I was recently told a story that serves as a perfect example. It’s not an unusual story by any means, but certainly one that demonstrates the extra and unexpected value given to members. A member was looking to try some clubs out before buying them, and having been given some good advice and a fitting, the pro then gave the recommended club to the golfer to take out on the course for a couple of rounds before making a decision as to whether to buy it or not. It was a simple gesture but it’s not something you can offer to a visiting golfer and you certainly won’t get that service from an online retailer!
ClubhouseThe clubhouse delivers value to a member, not only in a social sense but a financial one, too. Our provides a substantial discount to members in the restaurant and bar, and the atmosphere in your own clubhouse can provide a real sense of belonging. Life doesn’t afford many opportunities for meeting new people in an easier environment than our clubhouse, and when you set it against the feeling of walking in as a visitor, the advantage is self-evident: the familiar atmosphere, recognized faces and cheaper prices are significant benefits. You can also feel comfortable using the golf club as a place to relax, be it before a round, after a round, or simply as a social club. That’s not to suggest that most clubs don’t welcome visitors warmly, far from it, but it’s fair to say that as a club member you have a sense of belonging, whereas as a visiting golfer there can be a feeling of intrusion.